Traditional Chinese Medicine

Medicinal herbs are powerful

Over the past thousands of years, Traditional Chinese medicine has made the most of the all natural herbs, mushrooms, and roots available to us. These materials have been used to heal all kinds of inflammation in the body.

And it’s backed by the modern world — both by clinical studies proving effectiveness, and the World Health Organization has recognized them as medicine. Currently, there are over 40,000 practitioners in the US alone, and more than 50% of Americans use Traditional Chinese Medicine, making it increasingly more accepted and used.

Huangdi Neijing

~2650 B.C.

The Huangdi Neijing consists of conversations between the Yellow Emperor and his physician, outlining core concepts and medical knowledge of Chinese Medicine.

Bian Que

1100 - 221 B.C.

Bian Que, the first recorded physician who established Chinese medicine diagnostic procedures.

Ge Hong

220 - 581 A.D.

Ge Hong establishes first clinical emergency guide containing information about common diseases, emergency cases and abstracts on related therapies.

Zan Yin

847 - 859 A.D.

Zan Yin writes the first Chinese work on gynecology and obstetrics.

Li Shizhen

1578 A.D.

Li Shizhen’s book summarizes most of the herbal information available in the sixteenth century.

Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine

1955 A.D.

The Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded.

Well-known and used by 50% of Americans

1970 A.D.

Well-known and used by 50% of Americans, TCM is practiced around the country in private practices and Western healthcare clinics.

The World Health Organization

2018 A.D.

The World Health Organization recognizes Traditional Chinese Medicine in its influential global medical compendium that categorizes medical conditions, and is used world wide to decide how doctors diagnose conditions.

Qi Health

2022 A.D.

The first digital health platform for customized Chinese herbal medicine to bring long-term relief to chronic health issues.

Your Goal: Balancing Qi

Our goal — balancing your Qi

Qi is made up of Yin and Yang, which must reside within each other and must be kept in proper balance. This balance defines and creates good health and emotions. Any imbalances or interruptions of this flowing force are caused by inflammation. And that’s what’s responsible for human ailments: physical, mental, or emotional.

traditional chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine restores balance in the body, so that qi can flow.

By looking at all your symptoms, health history, mental state, environment and more we take a holistic approach to resolving your health issues. It differs from Western medicine, which typically focuses on treating one symptom at a time, then prescribing pills which come with their own side effects.


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